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Winning Inclusive Solutions

The diversity and inclusion 2022 nominee - CanadianSME National Business Awards

Our Mission

Winning Inclusive Solutions (WINS) is a not-for-profit that promotes inclusive policies in Canada’s workforce. Our name reflects our commitment to advocate and help take steps towards ensuring the creation of more equitable workplaces in which diverse members of Canadian society can flourish. Our approach is not to focus on the 'lack' or the 'differences' of people we represent.


We invite you to Lunch and
learn webinar series in collaboration with
The Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN)


Winning inclusive solutions presents: Living fully with disability webinar series. Lunch and learn webinar series starting October 2023. The aim of this webinar series is to foster a greater understanding of the experiences and needs of employees with disabilities and creating open dialogue. Come learn and network. By sharing personal stories and insights, our speakers, each with lived experience of a visible or invisible disability, will help participants to: Develop empathy and sensitivity towards colleagues with disabilities. Learn about practical strategies to create a more inclusive work environment. Gain insights into the strengths and capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Meet our 2023 speakers: Lisa Kelly - ON Chamber of Commerce Aiden Lee: Autism, artist, educator, and speaker. Juan Olarte - Founder and CEO at Digita11y Accessible. Email at to get early bird registration discount.


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