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In our effort to support diverse artists and promote dialogue on neurodiversity, we are collaborating with Aiden Lee, an abstract painter who has generously donated two of his digital art pieces to WINS Canada for our ecard campaign. Aiden is a strong advocate for neurodiversity. He believes that community is all about acceptance and kindness. Born with Autism, ADHD and anxiety, Aiden found a way of expressing himself through his art. He uses different textures that speak of the mind, body, and soul as he strives to inspire and advocate for positive change. You can find out more about his life and artwork at

Sending an ecard along with a donation is a wonderful way to honour, say thank you or celebrate special milestones and holidays and to recognize a special person in your life.

Suggested minimum donation of $15.

WINS and Aiden Lee present the 'Awakening' and 'Community' ecards.





"WINS respects the rights of the artist and copyright holders of the paintings displayed at our webpage. Consequently, all work that appear on this website do so with the consent of the artist and the copyright holder. No image or information display on this website may be copied or used without the express permission of WINS and/or the artist or the copyright holder.


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