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Meet The Team

Headshot of Luna Daniel

Luna Daniel

Luna Daniel LinkedIn Profile

Operations Manager

Headshot of Shweta Mishra

Shweta Mishra

Shweta Mishra LinkedIn Profile

IT Support

Headshot of Mohit Slok Thakur

Mohit Slok Thakur

Mohit Slok Thakur LinkedIn Profile

Marketing and Public Relations

Headshot of Tharini Arunan

Tharini Arunan

Tharini Arunan LinkedIn Profile

Event Management

Headshot of Rio Kashyap

Rio Kashyap

Rio Kashyap LinkedIn Profile

UX/UI Designer

Headshot of Seema Katipalla

Seema Katipalla

Seema Katipalla LinkedIn profile

Front End Developer

Alumni Volunteers

We would like to acknowledge and thank our past volunteers who contributed their talents and interest to support the work of WINS.

  • Aaron Luo

  • Azif Razeen

  • Bharti Dhar

  • Elizabeth Teluwo

  • Bhagyashree Chouhan

  • Nat Balakumaran

  • Ahsan Qureshi

  • Bose Odunlami

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