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Advisory Board

Headshot of Dr. Usha George

Dr. Usha George

Dr. Usha George Linkedin Profile

Director, Toronto Metropolitan Centre for Immigration and Settlement Professor, School of Social Work 

Headshot of Surranna Sandy

Surranna Sandy

Surranna Sandy LinkedIn Profile

Chief Executive Officer of Skills for Change

Headshot of Colin Druhan

Colin Druhan

Colin Druhan LinkedIn Profile

Executive Director at Pride at Work Canada 

Headshot of Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph LinkedIn Profile

Vice-President, Student Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University

Headshot of Dan Piotrowski

Dan Piotrowski

Dan Piotrowski LinkedIn Profile

Director of Human Resources, Orix Geoscience

Headshot of Brian Sankarsingh

Brian Sankarsingh

Brian Sankarsingh LinkedIn Profile

Author and Poet, PM/IM Communication & Engagement Liaison, Association of Ontario Health Centers

Headshot of Sue Chan

Sue Chan

Sue Chan LinkedIn Profile

VP Digital & Technology, Loyalty at RBC

Headshot of Juan Olarte

Juan Olarte

Juan Olarte LinkedIn Profile

CEO and founder of Digita11y Accessible Inc.

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