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Road to Success initiative highlights diverse professionals’ skills and strengths in a variety of ways. We provide a public platform for diverse professionals as speakers. We offer an embracing community of support in which diverse professionals can learn and network with like-minded others.


In addition, we offer consulting to employers, government service providers and other not-for-profits which aim to empower diverse professionals towards success. 

Road TO Success Programs and consultation

We offer unique customized programs to help employers, government agencies and not for profits to forge a novel, growth-driven

approach that benefits all. We also offer consulting services that help organizations streamline their policies and operations.

In order to create more equitable and inclusive workplaces. Please connect with us by completing Contact Us .

Register for our Certificate program "Embracing Diversity Program", email us at


Our Road to Success Public Events

Every few months we organize networking and learning sessions for the public. In this age of fast and goal focused networking, our events are an endeavor to shift the paradigm on networking a bit. These events are focused on enabling professionals to learn something new while networking.


2021 Public Events 

Finding your purpose by Luki Danukarjanto,   February 10


The Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement (RCIS) Presents: Showcasing Immigrant Voices: Calling for Paradigm Shift.  Panel Discussion with WINS,   April 7


Our May 17 session ‘Breathe for India – Meditation Session’ by  Brian G. Bachand, CEO evolution evolution & Chairman Acces Employment is available on our YouTube channel.  All proceeds donated to hospitals in India for Covid 19 relief.



2020 Public Events 

An Immigrant Women's Journey to Self-Employment: By Doreen Fernandez held at City Hall.

LinkedIn Masterclass: By Dean Delpeache, on June 26 & July 3.
Our June 26, 2020 session is available on our YouTube channel.

Our July 3, 2020 session is available on our YouTube channel.

Our October 2020 session 'From fear to freedom: small shifts for positive growth': By Brian G. Bachand, CEO evolution evolution & Chairman Acces Employment is available on our YouTube channel.


2019 Public Events at Metro Hall 

An Overview of Project Management: By Khalida Kesury

Artificial Intelligence Basics: By Joyce Lam

Health & Fitness for Professionals: By Terry Gale

Informational Interviews for Job Seekers & Newcomers to Canada: By Deepa Phillips

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Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity

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